Dan Garner

Founder of Xibo, the Open Source Digitial Signage Solution and Spring Signage, the Xibo company.

Xibo and Spring Signage

Xibo is Open Source and community driven with over 6 years development behind us. It is a complete digital signage solution comprised of a web based content management system (CMS) and choice of Windows or Android Players.

Spring Signage is proud to be the commercial sponsor of the Xibo Open Source Digital Signage Project. We provide the same great Xibo solution with a little bit extra from us.

Xibo in the Cloud lets you deploy a Xibo CMS installation in under 10 minutes and Xibo for Android lets you reduce your hardware costs while keeping the same great features.


The Xibo project can be contacted on the Xibo community and Spring Signage on our support page.